A new peer-to-peer development program that groups fast-growth entrepreneurs together for monthly meetups and trust-based learning.  

About The CLUB

What is Founder Club?

Founder Club is a network of growth-stage entrepreneurs who have been invited to participate in a peer-based learning program designed and hosted by Startup Zone. In small, highly curated groups, founders will be brought together monthly to share and explore confidential business challenges. Through open collaboration and with the support of industry experts, members will help one another grow their companies and become better business leaders. 


Am I the right fit?

Participants are selected in cohorts and are matched with others who find themselves running a business in a shared or unrelated space, but who do not pose direct competition with one another. Cohorts will be formed based on the fit of personalities and business challenges as well as the skill sets and expertise brought to the group by each of its founders.

Join like-minded entrepreneurs in casual and confidential settings where you can explore business challenges, set new goals, and celebrate milestones as a group.  


  • Are looking to introduce new products or are considering expansion 
  • Wish to grow their staff and revenues
  • Are honest and open to making genuine connections with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Value and respect collaboration and confidentiality
  • Have unique expertise or experiences that may prove valuable to the group’s development

 Each cohort will eventually feed into a larger network of well-established founders that you will have an opportunity to connect with and learn from. 

 What will each session look like?

Each 4hr club meeting will tackle a different business challenge in areas such as human resources, sales & marketing, financial management, leadership, and policy.  Sessions will begin with goal reviews from each member followed by a theme-specific guest speaker and Q&A. Members will then engage in group-led deep dives and peer-coaching, before setting new goals and drawing the meeting to an end. Following each afternoon session, an optional group dinner will be booked at a nearby restaurant to allow for development of greater personal connections. Dinners will be at the expense of the member. 

When & Where

Founder Club will typically meet one Tuesday a month at Startup Zone headquarters, located at 31 Queen Street in Charlottetown. Meetings will run from 1 pm-5 pm, and will be followed by an optional 5:30 group dinner at a rotating nearby restaurant.

Please note: Since participation is of such high importance to the function of this group, any founder who is unable to attend more than one session will have their membership revoked and will be excluded from all future events. 

What will be expected of me?

Founder Club requires a minimum commitment of one four-hour session each month for a six-month period, during which time, members will be encouraged to share personal business challenges, work closely with one another to solve them and build meaningful relationships that will hopefully offer a lasting impact.  Upon completion, cohorts will be encouraged and supported to continue meeting quarterly to share their progress and continue growing together.  

Cohorts will also be expected to sign a contract that protects confidentiality in order to create a safe space for members to share challenges and ideas openly and collect candid feedback. 

We hope to eventually combine successful cohorts into a larger network of founders who have gone through this process and understand the unique relationships that can be formed between business owners. You will have an opportunity to opt into this greater community and provide ongoing support for future Founder Club members. 


Is there a cost?
If selected, non-resident members will be expected to pay a one-time membership fee of $300. Startup Zone Residents and Alumni are welcome to participate in this program at no cost. 

How do I apply? 

Please complete your Founder Club application. Members will be contacted based on their company’s growth stage, cohort fit, and space availability.