This month, Startup Zone is very excited to host a two-day, interactive bootcamp in collaboration with Communitech Academy, all about Tech Sales Fundamentals.


This workshop series will allow current or future entrepreneurs, business executives, and employees alike the chance to dive deep into the sales cycle to fuel your growth in the fast-paced world of tech sales. You’ll learn the perfect combination of the art, the science, the art, and the tools of sales is what drives success as a tech sales professional.


What is Communitech Academy? 

Communitech Academy is a trusted partner in developing talent to meet the needs of tech and tech-enabled organizations.

Communitech was founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs committed to making Waterloo Region a global innovation leader. 

Today, Communitech is a public-private innovation hub that supports a community of more than 1,400 companies — from startups to scale-ups to large global players.

Communitech helps tech companies start, grow and succeed in three distinct ways:

  • Communitech is a place – the centre of gravity for entrepreneurs and innovators. A clubhouse for building great companies.
  • Communitech delivers programs – helping companies at all stages with access to capital, customers and talent. We are here to help them grow and innovate.
  • Communitech partners in building a world-leading ecosystem – making sure we have all the ingredients (and the brand) to go from a small startup to a global giant.

What will the Tech Sales workshop cover?

Over the span of two days (14 hours), this bootcamp will take a deep-dive into the sales process, the value proposition, best practices in making first contact, structuring your first meeting, understanding your prospects’ needs through their eyes, handling objections, closing techniques, and effective communications. You’ll leave better equipped to connect with your customers and successfully lead them through the sales cycle. 

Who is it for?

This workshop is NOT exclusive to Startup Zone entrepreneurs. The bootcamp is targeted at current tech sales professionals who are ready to close more deals, those who are interested in transitioning previous sales experience from a nontechnical industry into tech, and individuals who are ready to bring what they know from other areas of their organization and apply it to a tech sales position. 


For session details (including dates/times) and to purchase your tickets now, visit our Eventbrite page here. 


Rachel Adams (Startup Zone Marketing & Events Coordinator)