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Come have your Friday morning coffee and chat with local like-minded entrepreneurs and business executives about the trials and tribulations of starting, running or growing a business. These events are an informal, open discussion and a great chance to network with fellow entrepreneurs.

This month’s guest is Robyn Gallant, founder of Eventurous Consulting!


“Born in Saint John, NB, to two displaced Islanders, Robyn Gallant was raised in the community of Wellington, PEI. Speaking both French and English since birth, her real first language is playful sarcasm. Having dreamed of working for herself since she was 5 years old, and bossing everyone around accordingly, she spent most of her professional life chasing a career in stage management – working in live theatres across the country from a very young age. Suffering massive burnout by the age of 23, she moved back to PEI to settle down for a while and collect her bearings. Working in various fields for roughly two years, Robyn expanded her management skills and worked hard on her personal and professional development. She took countless Event Management and Public Speaking gigs on the side, each one firing her up in ways a day-job never could. In September 2019, when a government contract came to a natural end, she figured it was time to finally launch herself into a CEO state of mind. By October 1st, Eventurous Consulting was born. 

Eventurous Consulting focuses on two main components – Events, and Adventures. What do we mean by Adventures? Participatory Leadership training and facilitation, emcee-ing services, public speaking gigs and (with the right attitude) really nearly anything you can think of. Even the Events end up turning into Adventures sometimes – that’s the fun of it! As an Event Management and Facilitation Company, Eventurous Consulting thrives on our network of partners, vendors, collaborators and friends. Offering all services in both of Canada’s official languages, we love to take on challenges confronting the lack of bilingualism accessibility and services offered. 

Next month, Eventurous goes up a level – not only are we incorporating, to ensure proper procedures are taken as we expand at a phenomenal rate, but we’re hitting the road (or the skies, rather)! Robyn will be representing Canadian Francophone youth as one of the top 4 entrepreneurs chosen across the country to attend Expo Entrepreneur in Montreal this February. She will spend 6 days in Québec’s most vibrant city networking, learning, growing, and developing ideas to bring back to the Maritimes. Chosen in part due to her work through/with the Startup Zone, she is psyched to be sharing her journey through social media with all of the SUZ Family.”

Catch her upcoming adventures on Instagram.