February Faces of Startup Zone

JobSite 360

Whether they’re founders of Startup Zone Resident Companies, Community Partners, coworkers, In-House Specialists, or staff members, there are plenty of faces here at Startup Zone that are worth bragging about. This is why the Startup Zone staff have decided to highlight these faces through our new “Faces of Startup Zone” social campaign!

This February, our very first “Faces of Startup Zone” feature will be dedicated to Peter Douglas (CEO), and Elie Kassouf (CTO) of Jobsite360, a Startup Zone Anchor company.

“Peter Douglas believes he’s found a way to help the owner-operator contractors improve their efficiency with less paperwork and keep them on the job site (and out of the office) longer. And in doing so, save them time and money.”



The Jobsite360 Cloud Ecosystem is an easy-to-use Cloud bookkeeping solution for small- to medium-sized Contractors and Tradespeople. Jobsite Bookkeeping Tools is currently in Beta, and available to test for free by contacting Peter and Elie.




 This month, Peter and Elie will be taking over the Startup Zone Instagram Stories every Tuesday for #TakeoverTuesday. With the help of our Startup Services Coordinator Reddin Handrahan, they have also begun filming a “Startup Story” video that will be uploaded to our blog later this month.

Follow along with our social media (as well as their Instagram) throughout the month of February to learn more about the great things that JobSite360 is doing every day at Startup Zone!


Rachel Adams (Startup Zone Marketing & Events Coordinator)