As you may know, the Startup Zone is a business incubator home to many local start-ups. Once our companies make the big step of designing their perfect logo and establishing their brand – they need a way to show it off. A big way we recommend doing this – is with stickers! Sticker Mule allows our entrepreneurs to create stickers and other personalized merch in the easiest and quickest way possible, while also being affordable enough for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. 

The Startup Zone team started recommending Sticker Mule to our companies after we ordered our own company products from them. After trial and error with many different companies, Sticker Mule ended up being the perfect one for us. We love showing off our Startup Zone stickers on our laptops: 

Not only do they have the best vinyl-cut stickers in the game, but we are also able to order magnets, pins, and coasters – completely customized. Check out more of these products in the top picture, all made for us at the Startup Zone, our Resident Companies, or given as samples from Sticker Mule along with other orders. 

Learn more about all of their different offerings at the link below: