Every month, Startup Zone features one of their sponsors by interviewing them to learn more about the great things they do for our Startup Ecosystem. This month, we are highlighting Scotiabank, one of our sponsors who offer in-house office hours to Startup Zone Companies.

What is Scotiabank’s role as a sponsor of Startup Zone? 

Scotiabank looks to help navigate the start-up process for entrepreneurs.  This includes ensuring they have a proper operating account to run the day-to-day of their business and to secure the initial lending that allows them to fund their passion. Banking certainly isn’t the prettiest part of becoming an entrepreneur, but we look to offer a personal touch and support to our clients while providing knowledge of the products and solutions that can make their lives easier.

What the value of Startup Zone’s to you, and why do you choose to sponsor them?

The Startup Zone has been very valuable for PEI.  It has created an environment where people are able to take that big step and follow their dreams while having others around them that are going through the same process.  The resources and support that they offer to new entrepreneurs is amazing and we are certainly proud to play our role in helping a new business find their way.

In general, what do Scotiabank’s Small Business Advisors do to help small businesses?

Small Business advisors help to develop a strong relationship with their clients to better understand their business and personal needs. They look to identify banking solutions that will help the client grow their business and realize their goals. We will help to align the client with the lending that they need to grow and operate their business as well as helping to identify cash management solutions to help them reduce expenses and run their business more efficiently. SBA’s also help with investing the profits of the client’s business to ensure stability into the future and ensuring the entrepreneur’s financial well being.

How do you define an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur to me is many things; hard-working, committed, innovative and willing to take on risks are just a few things that come to mind.  It takes a great deal of courage to take on the challenge of starting your own business and often a lot of it doesn’t happen overnight.  An entrepreneur must be willing to wear many hats and be responsible for all facets of their business; from financing, marketing, operations, and management.  In my experience it is the people that are fully committed and willing to make a lot of sacrifices, especially early on, that can find success and live out their dream.


Meet the Scotiabank Team:

Erica BustardSmall Business Advisor

Since joining the Financial Industry in 2007, Erica has fulfilled a variety of roles from Retail Banking to Investment Services. This experience allows her to deliver advice, with simple, straightforward solutions and strategies.

 Dominic Harper, Small Business Advisor

With over 5 years of experience in the Finance Industry, Dominic is devoted to understanding your business and able to provide expert advice to help your business succeed.

 Janette Brake, Small Business Advisor

With 25+ years of banking experience, with Personal and Commercial Banking,  Janette is committed to providing customized solutions and works closely with partners to streamline your banking needs.

 Brent Andrews, Small Business Advisor

Brent joined Scotiabank in the summer of 2019.  He is a recent MBA Graduate from UPEI with a passion for entrepreneurs to help your business grow.


Scotiabank in the Startup Zone:


Scotiabank Small Business Advisors hosting an info session at Startup Zone on the services they provide for small businesses.

Small Business Advisor Erica Bustard speaking on Startup Zone’s “Corporate Entrepreneurship Panel” about the role of a banker for a startup. 


Thank you, Scotiabank! 


Rachel Adams (Startup Zone Marketing & Events Coordinator)