Accelerate Your Business

with Startup Zone’s Accelerator Program


In Fall of 2019, Startup Zone launched our Accelerator Program. 

This first cohort was an intensive, 12-week program for startup companies with a tech aspect, and high growth potential.

We accepted 15 companies into the program, and saw 13 of them pitch on Demo Day, giving the program an exceptionally high retention rate!


In our first cohort, the participants also acted as the program’s “co-founders”. The program offered a general introduction to many important facets of a successful business (including branding/marketing, sales, HR, product development, IT, etc.), and also offered constant and consistent accountability sessions where the participants could learn from and help each other. After seeing 95% of companies successfully complete this program and receiving feedback from them, the Accelerator Program is back for Spring 2020, and better than ever!


Our Spring 2020 Accelerator Cohort will be focused on the growth and development of the company’s involved, and we will specialize the program to fit your needs. Our focus will be on finding growth-focused entrepreneurs who already have traction in their business, and getting them in a room with like-minded entrepreneurs, and expert advisors!


Our new Accelerator Cohort will launch on April 1st, with applications closing March 16th. The cohort members will still meet weekly, but this time the program will be further accelerated, with 10, two-hour sessions. There will be 10 seats available for the program, and only a few remain.

Don’t wait – apply today, and get in “the Zone”.