Every month, Startup Zone has a morning Coffee Chat. Our Coffee Chat’s are group-led conversations where local entrepreneurs and business professionals can bring their business ideas, questions, and grievances, and get some great advice from local, like-minded entrepreneurs!

This month, we were lucky to be joined by Jared Murphy, Spencer Gallant, and Dillon Wight of Lone Oak Brewing Co in Borden-Carleton. Almost set to launch their new business in the alcoholic beverage industry, this trio of founders gave insight on their experience of what it takes to start a business in PEI!

Currently the Co-Owner and CEO of Lone Oak Brew, Jared is also one of the Island’s most accomplished soccer players. He offered insight on how he connected his skills as an athlete to those of an entrepreneur, and discussed how his education in business, and experience in small business management, led him to opening a brewery.

As one of Canada’s most notable up-and-coming young brewers, Spencer took a leap into the world of business as Co-Owner and Head Brewer of Lone Oak Brew. With substantial experience and education in brewing, Spencer is a prime example of an entrepreneur who was able to turn his skills and passions into a career.

Widely recognized for being a staple behind the bar at Gahan for years, Dillon looks forward to bringing his sales expertise on his new adventure as Co-Owner and Sales Officer at Lone Oak Brew. Dillon discussed how he will use his skills in connecting with customers and what he calls “delivering happiness” to become a leader in the hospitality industry of PEI.

Missed the chat? Watch the entire live stream here.

We look forward to having you join us for next month’s Coffee Chat!