Last week, Startup Zone CEO Patrick Farrar, along with Rory Francis of PEI’s BioAlliance, commented on Atlantic Business Magazine’s decision to leave PEI off of their list of their Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past year of over 150 companies coming through the Startup Zone,’’ Farrar said, adding that up to 80 per cent of the companies are run by entrepreneurs under 30 while 60 per cent of the entrepreneurs in the accelerator program are under 30. 

“There’s hard-working, dedicated, ambitious entrepreneurs here, some of the strongest I’ve ever seen across Canada and they have the Island’s best interests in their plans.’’

Farrar said young Island entrepreneurs have never been too worried about how they stack up on lists. They’re too focused on promoting and growing their businesses.

“People work harder here than I’ve seen in Toronto . . . there is enormous dedication and intelligence (here). There’s not enough people to do the work. They’re too busy building (their) business (to worry about nominations).’’

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