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Our companies are constantly learning, pivoting and dreaming of the next big thing. Our program is non-sector specific, so we have companies focused in tech, food, social enterprise, apparel, wellness, and more. We are all here to build something amazing.

AGAMA is a technology company that specializes on the creation of digital experiences that emotionally connect with people. Developing and playing with ground breaking technology such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), AGAMA is on the mission to become a key player in the XR industry - enabling people to have accessible, useful and relevant experiences using these amazing technologies.
Team: Sergio Fernandez
Team: Alex Shalkin
Helping people stay at work. Ergonomic, accommodation and return to work support for employers and employees on PEI.
Team: Carrie Jones
CINEMOOD is a uniquely designed portable projector for kids and families, with a built-in assistant, internet streaming services and licensed Disney content. Kids Media technologies - is the official distributor for the Canadian market.
Team: Yury Mitin & Jeffery Yirenkyi
Cradle Technology Design is the company behind Ureaqa – an innovative hydration test that allows athletes to track and manage their personalized hydration plan. Ureaqa turns standard urine analysis results into actionable data, allowing users to feel and perform better by using Ureaqa’s personalized insights.
Team: Javon Mayhew, Andrew Simmons, Alex Gamble & Brady Gallant
Earth Bitez is a Plant-based, Gluten-free PEI based business that uses superfood powders to nutritionally enhance delicious, super healthy Bitez.
Team: Michaela Uchtenhagen
Fearless Fido is a force free dog training service located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
Team: Bethany Coles
The Forktula is a small silicone spatula that slides onto the two outer tines of a fork to allow the user to essentially “lick their plate in public”!
Team: Joshua Lindsay & Oliver Sauve
Fresh Start Fauxmage is nut-based, dairy-free, 100% vegan cheese. It is made in PEI and is a delicious, artisanal alternative.
Team: Julain Molnar
GARAGO is for municipal administrators as well as for State/Provincial and Federal Government administrators. GARAGO works with municipalities and local governments to bring their permits and licences application process online.
Team: Francis Thériault & Robert Audoux

Our goal is to easily and efficiently connect musicians with everyone and anyone looking to book them.

Team: Evan Morrison, Pedra Minnis, Joel Doran, Jackson Atkinson, & Oleksandr Sokolenko

Gocanna is Canada's cannabis tourism guide. We are connecting medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers with responsible product and service providers.

Team: Shaman Ferraro

Island AquaTech is a technology development company focusing on aquaculture. The company was founded by three engineering students from the University of Prince Edward Island who invented an oyster cage flipper for the oyster farming industry.

Team: Jordan Sampson

JobSite 360 gives contractors a clear picture of their business. Without having to learn accounting! JobSite 360 lets you track your daily company and job expenses, create professional looking estimates, quotes and invoices, and access powerful management and reporting tools...from anywhere!

Team: Peter Douglas & Elie Kassouf

Team: Chelsey Lake & Michael Kogan

The Letter Board Company is Canada’s first premium felt letter board company dedicated to providing quality letter boards for your home.

Team: Diane Sankar

Badass and fun soy candles, hand poured in PEI, Canada.
Team: Megan Grady
Team: Ben Idowu

Handmade traditional almond-based treats and baking ingredient with an Island touch.

Team: Jessica and Mike Fritz

Minzoo is product design studio, creating engaging and educational digital experiences for children. We are on a mission to make children’s mobile time, quality time, by making playful tools that engage and inspire your children’s senses.

Team: Clark MacLeod

Team: Gregor McEwan

Nabuurs Integration provides start to finish technical design services. We meet our clients exactly where they’re at. whether that means taking a complex problem, breaking it down, teasing out the requirements and constraints and developing an innovative solution or simply using a client’s existing idea and bringing it to life.

Team: John Nabuurs

We are an IT Outsourcing company that has a proven track record of catering to an array of industries. Our commitment to excellence has brought a smile on the face of everyone right from the start-ups to big industry players!

Team: Ketan Raval

Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, for improving psychological or physical well being.

Team: Tammy McQuaid

Cool apparel that reflects the unique beauty of Prince Edward Island.

Team: Cristin Sawchuk

Outer Island Media is a marketing agency with a focus on small/mid-sized business growth, digital content management, and community development.
Team: Brody Trainer

Overtime Entertainment is an event management and entertainment group based in PEI. Through networking events, we connect business to business and business to consumer relationships for organizations, community groups and societies in PEI.

Team: Daniel Ohaegbu & Jonah Chininga

Small batch craft coffee and tea. PEI's only master roaster and tea sommelier Coffee Truck coming Summer 2019! As featured on The Marilyn Denis Show
Team: Jen Vandermaar

The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company produces hand harvested, 100% pure and unprocessed sea salt from the pristine waters surrounding PEI. We work with passionate local food producers to create infused sea salts with 100% island ingredients.

Team: Darren Blanchard & Nathan Gamauf

Red Island Cider creates a natural, sustainable and profitable product infused with friendship and fun. From the first blossom to the last sip.

Team: Robert VanWaarden, James VanToever, Caralynn Laszlo, Anna Keenan

reset:breathe fitness is an online community for all things wellness. Our program provides online live or on demand 30 min HIIT, Pilates and Yoga workouts streamed at 5:30 am ATL Monday-Friday to our monthly subscribers via private group on Facebook. Also included are bonus weight workouts, nutrition sessions and cooking classes.

Team: Tracey Brioux

Retrospective is a film and video production company based in Charlottetown, PE. Whether you are promoting your business, property, music or art, or wanting to share special moments like weddings and events, Retrospective will take care of all aspects of video production from start to finish.

Team: Ryan McCarvill

Salty is a new digital and print publication that covers local food issues and interests with depth and integrity. It is the only comprehensive food publication serving the Island.

Team: Cheryl Young, Laura Weatherbie, & Richard Schroeter

We're on a mission to connect Canadians and Lawyers that love transparency! Shoplaw is a basic search platform to find lawyers offering common services like home purchases, wills, incorporations and co-habitation agreements. Consumers can instantly compare prices, experience and reputations.

Team: Randy Campbell

Smart Catch Systems is working to create a unique traceability solution for PEI seafood.

Team: Pierre Bassaler

I'm a Canadian graphic designer located in Prince Edward Island. An original Newfie, I moved to PEI to study visual arts at Holland College. I graduated with two diplomas, one year for Fundamental Arts and another two-year diploma for Graphic Design. I am also a certified Social Media & Community Manager. I specialize in branding & layout design as well as social media strategy. I am the happiest when helping people visualize their ideas and making them come to life.

Team: Stephanie Butt

Stephanie is a multi-disciplinary designer and proud owner of Summer Street Creative. She loves to help entrepreneurs create a powerful and authentic brand; whether that be through branding, design, web design or brand strategy.

Team: Stephanie Perrault-Bittner

An animation studio with the creative and production capabilities to create 2D animation and visual effects for mobile games, TV / Web cartoon series, music videos and other related animation projects. Toon Animation Studio always reflects remarkable 2D animation experience on the animated screen.

Team: Tharaka Ranasinghe

Wittaya Aqua is a production management platform that increases operational efficiency through aggregation and analysis of the huge volume of data already collected by aquaculture operations. The platform is powered by advanced mathematical and nutritional models and creates value by optimizing feeding practices, reducing uncertainty in forecasting production, and tracking commercially important benchmarks.

Team: Evan Hall