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Meet Jessica and Mike Fritz, husband and wife duo and co-founders of Maritime Marzipan. They create handmade almond-based treats and fine Belgian chocolates with an Island touch.

A traditional treat in Germany, where the Fritz’s are originally from, marzipan is made by grinding whole almonds into flour and sweetening with icing sugar and invert sugar. Jessica and Mike were surprised when they moved to Canada to find that there were no options for buying marzipan for baking, they could only get it exported. They decided to make their own, and now they create their own delicious confections sold in different shapes and infused with island flavours.

Maritime Marzipan now operates and sells their products out of their shop in St. Peter’s Landing, along with Jessica and Mike’s other ventures Fritz chocolates – fine Belgian chocolates, Black and White Cafe – selling specialty coffee, tea and bakery goods, and Island Flavors – featuring a variety of local food products. They also have a shop in the recently opened Founders Food Hall.

You can learn more about Maritime Marzipan here and follow them on social media: