This February, some familiar faces from Startup Zone worked alongside Skills PEI to help bring their Digital Skills for Youth Program to life.

At Startup Zone, our staff, our specialists, and our companies alike all have an immense passion for contributing to our community. We recognize that youth are the future, and we strive to play an active role in educating them on entrepreneurial skills. With partnerships with community members such as Skills PEI, we are able to spread our impact Island-wide to the young faces who will be the future of our province!

In Day 1, Startup Zone Operations Manager Erin Robar, Branding Specialist Stephanie Perreault-Bittner, and IT Specialist Kyle Hensman were among those presenting. Erin Robar was also the facilitator for the day.

Erin Robar ran the workshop “Office Efficiency in 2020: Tools & Tips for Success”:

This workshop covered some of the most common communication and organization tools (like G-Suite and Slack) while also discussing the importance of how to present yourself in professional emails. The current workforce spends a majority of their time communicating digitally (e-mail and instant messaging services) so it has never been more important to know how to write clear emails and watch your punctuation and grammar.

Stephanie Perreault-Bittner ran the workshop “Social Media: Back to Basics”:

This workshop covers where to find/create content for the business you work for, and how to remain consistent with your brand. It will also take a deep-dive into both Facebook and Instagram. The workshop also touches on basic social media management with programs such and Hootsuite, Planoly, or Buffer. 

Kyle Hensman ran the workshop “Online Privacy”:

This workshop is designed to bring awareness to the digital footprints we leave behind when searching the internet. These days, our private information is being collected, traded, and sold to third-party companies in hopes to gain greater insight as to what products they can sell to us. We hope to bring some attention to just how much information we’re giving up when we click that little “I Accept” button. Participants will get a brief introduction to Website Cookies (what they are and how they affect our daily lives). We’ll talk about how to review your current Website Cookies, remove old Cookies, and protect yourself from all those bad cookie jars out there! We will also go over some simple security tips that will help you stay safe online and avoid today’s cutting-edge, viruses, malware, and spyware. 

In Day 2, the event will also have the pleasure of hearing from Startup Zone Growth Coach Pat Sebastien, Product Development Specialist Clark MacLeod, HR Specialist Wendy MacIntyre, and IT Specialist Kyle Hensman for a second time. Follow along with our blog for updates on the second day of the Digital Skills for Youth Program!