Founder chats, sales bootcamps, global digital marketing and media sessions, and much more. October is a big month of events in the startup ecosystem!

Here are our top picks for online events for founders this October:

A discussion on entrepreneurship in the creative/multimedia industries.

This month’s coffee chat will be a Q&A with David Searle and a member of the Startup Zone team. We will touch on how his background in the trades led him to work in multiple creative fields, his various entrepreneurial endeavors, how he focuses on empowerment and diversity in the creative industries and in entrepreneurship, and the biggest lessons he’s learned along the way. October 14th, online.

A workshop on customer engagements/meetings, and the sales process.

Customer engagements/meetings are filled with unknowns and many questions. This session with Pivotal Coaching on “Predicting Your Buyer” will focus on proactivity, the right questions, and selling conversation tools to help you get ready for selling and sales meetings. October 21st, online.

A session on customer discovery and how to create an effective retention strategy.

With customer discovery comes deeper knowledge around current customers. If a company communicates and engages with them, they’ll stay with them. If they respect and elevate this relationship, current customers will do your marketing for you! In the talk, Sean will touch on a few key topics around a deeper level of customer discovery and understanding, as well as how to map out an effective retention strategy. October 28th,  online.

Plus, here are some more online events you might want to check out: